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Friday, September 01, 2006

Rummy, Part 2

The Washington Post has reported that congressional Democrats are planning to push for a vote of no confidence in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld this month.

Democrats Target Rumsfeld

Good stuff. It's quite encouraging to see Dems on the offensive with November right around the corner....


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

It would be even more encouraging if the Dems would unite behind a phased withdrawal plan from Iraq, new peace initiatives in the Middle East, creating a Dept. of Peace, ending "Star Wars" and working for rapid multi-lateral nuclear disarmament--you know, instead of just criticizing the "conduct of the war," as if Iraq would have been hunky-dory if done right!!

I pray the House and Senate go to the Dems. It will stop the worst GOP abuses. But its not enough. We need serious progressive reform in the Democratic Party and serious electoral reforms to restore democracy to the people! Retaking Congress must be the beginning, not the goal.

We have to end the power of the GOP wannabes at the so-called Democratic Leadership Conference (Democrats for the Leisure Class! or Democrats who Love Corporations!).

9:47 AM


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