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Monday, August 28, 2006

Give Peace a Chance?

Rarely do I find myself in agreement with the SBC Bloggers.

But please check out Marty Duren's recent post entitled "Article XVI and Looking for Peace."

Article XVI of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 reads...
It is the duty of Christians to seek peace with all men on principles of righteousness. In accordance with the spirit and teachings of Christ they should do all in their power to put an end to war.

The true remedy for the war spirit is the gospel of our Lord. The supreme need of the world is the acceptance of His teachings in all the affairs of men and nations, and the practical application of His law of love. Christian people throughout the world should pray for the reign of the Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 2:4; Matthew 5:9,38-48; 6:33; 26:52; Luke 22:36,38; Romans 12:18-19; 13:1-7; 14:19; Hebrews 12:14; James 4:1-2.

The Rev. Duren writes...

Of course, neither is the BFM2K at odds with absolute pacifism even though relatively few (percentage wise) Southern Baptists would hold that position. Interestingly, virtually all the scriptures cited in support of the Article more closely mirror pacifism than Just War (which is the position that I hold)....
My point is simply to remind that Article XVI actually calls for Southern Baptists to actively work for peace, a position normally held by those in some mainline denominations or confirmed liberals.....
This call to actively work for peace demonstrates a difficulty with the BFM2K: most people, regardless of how biblical they attempt to be, simply are not “doing everything in their power to bring an end to war.”

Kudos to the Rev. Duren and other SBC Bloggers who are FINALLY raising concerns regarding the Pro-War stance that the Southern Baptist Convention has taken in recent years.

Perhaps, Duren & Company will speak out more against the imminent dangers of idolatrous civil religion (i.e. religious nationalism) which is commonplace throughout the SBC. All Baptists, whether they be Southern Baptists, American Baptists, Alliance, or Fellowship Baptists, MUST be pro-active and work together with other concerned citizens, regardless of their religious faith or lack thereof, to counter the Pro-War political agenda of the Religious Right.

Seems like NOW is a good time for Southern Baptists to divorce the Republican Party...


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

If you compare the 1925, 1963, and 2000 versions, you'll see that the statement has gotten progressively weaker on peacemaking. The 1925 version was virtually pacifist.

During the '80s, every time a fundamentalist brought up the "without error" phrase of article I, I pointed to the strong social gospel, religious liberty, and peace articles and asked why they weren't angry about THOSE violations. I never got a good answer.

4:47 PM

Blogger tim rogers said...

Brother Michael,

If you compare the versions, you will find that the BF&M2K replaced the wording from the 1925 document.


6:56 PM


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