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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Ultimate Flow Chart - Palin Style

For all those who love flow charts:

HT: Texas in Africa



Blogger foxofbama said...

If Baylor cannot sponsor a panel with Richard Jackson and Cindy McCain and Richard Land discussing The Palin candidacy in the framework of the History of the Southern Baptist Convention the last 30 years, then how is Baylor that much more substantive than Sarah Palin's flow Chart?
Does Baylor dodge as many topics of substance as Palin?
If not, why hasn't Land been there lately to discuss Palin with Melissa Rogers, Randall Balmer and Garry Wills and Michelle Cottle?
Baylor does know who Michelle Cottle is, don't they?

2:18 PM

Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

Perfect. Just as it came across. If she didn't know the answer, she just changed the subject and repeated a programmed response.

2:21 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

First, Richard Jackson is largely irrelevant to these recent political debates. Who has even heard from Richard Jackson in recent years? The dude is retired. Let him be.

As for Richard Land, keep him away from Waco. Baptists in Waco are better off if Dick stays away.

You know, Baylor is not a Think Tank. Baylor isn't a Political Party. Baylor is a research university, a private, Baptist-affiliated institution of higher learning. And the library does subscribe to The New Republic for all interested in microform, hard-copy and electronic version!

2:32 PM

Anonymous Lee said...

Baylor's reputation as a moderate Baptist institution is probably well deserved, but it has kept a low profile regarding secular politics. Keep in mind, though, that the school made a heavy duty bid to land the Bush library, and a number of its trustees are influential Texas Republicans with connections. Baylor, and the central Texas metropolis of Waco, a.k.a. "Jerusalem on the Brazos," are in the heart of heavily Republican country. I suspect Sarah Palin could pack the Ferrell Center, and I doubt Obama would.

I think it has been interesting to note that, over the past couple of days, Republicans who are bitter and angry over the fact that Joe Biden more or less "schooled" the Alaska governor in the fine art of debate, have come up with emails about the 14 "lies" that he told. They don't realize how inept that makes Palin look, since she did not pick up on any of them, or challenge any of them. She made a few similar whoppers herself.

7:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it! Biden's thirty years as a Washington insider leaves him guiltless and he can lie all he wants. mom2

10:49 AM

Anonymous Lee said...

Actually, in looking over those various emails, I don't see where Biden lied about anything. He correctly cited votes that McCain had cast. I sure wouldn't have expected him to put McCain's spin on those statements any more than I would have expected Palin to put Obama's spin on the votes she cited, doing exactly the same thing. If he's a liar, so is she.

Biden picked up on every inaccuracy she uttered, and offered a rebuttal. She wasn't aware enough of McCain's record to offer much in the way of rebuttal.

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden has a reputation for exaggeration, plagiarism and getting facts wrong (I'm being nice, instead of saying lies). I believe he got caught at it when he last ran for President and that was what "sorta" knocked him out of the race. mom2

5:15 PM

Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

I was particularly impressed with Biden's shooting down the self imposed "maverick" persona that McCain espouses. Both Palin and McCain are mavericks only in their own minds. By the way McCain also has 30 years as a Washington insider, mom2.

10:46 AM

Blogger A. Lin said...


3:26 PM

Anonymous Lee said...

McCain also has a reputation for plaigiarism, exaggeration and getting facts wrong (I'm being nice instead of saying "lies"). I believe he got caught at it last time and that sorta knocked him out of the race (2000, when he ran in the primaries against W).

6:20 PM

Blogger foxofbama said...

Lee and Bdid:
Appreciate your comments about Baylor; but it kind of proves my point.
I finished in the lower part of my class at Furman and they gained some national attention in May for having W. as their commencement speaker.
BDid, congrats on the short in latest Baps Today; as much as I appreciate you I beg to differ with you on the significance of a statement from Richard jackson rehashing Baptist history. I agree he may not be the best person to put things in perspective; but Baylor could raise it's cohonas IQ a little by hosting Garry Wills and Balmer--he did yall up nicely in 02 in Christianity Today--in a conference on Palin's Resentments and the SBC
On that all of you, and especially Lee take a close look at my post few minutes ago at baptistlife.com referencing the tnr.com piece on Palin.
It's Pressler all over again, and the fact Richard Jackson had the famous tete a tete in Nashville with Pressler to me and others with more wisdom than Bdid on this matter is of significance.
FTR: We all know Dan Vestal was pastor of FBC Midland when Arthur Blessit came to town and W. got saved. Oliver Stone on Nightline Friday night said that scene did not make the cut in W. to be released October 17. Let's hope it makes the DVD release.

In Christ there is no Brazos or Furman but one great fellowship of man throughout the whole wide world.

Ga Mtn Man: Spread the word about the tnr.com article on Palin's resentments. You'll want to read and share with JBabbTaylor right away.

1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, the flow chart is hilarious!

8:23 PM


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