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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Charles G. Adams @ New Baptist Covenant

The Rev. Charles G. Adams of Hartford Baptist Church in Detroit and now Harvard Divinity preached during last night's concluding plenary session of the New Baptist Covenant Celebration.

Adams was impressive - most likely the best sermon that I have ever heard. However, it was impossible to take notes. Adams is a speed-talker. He reads from a manuscript and reads very fast.

Watch the Video.

Below are a few quotes:
"Baptists that sit in our churches have not yet learned that to be a Baptist is to be free in Christ. By definition, we believe in the local autonomy of the church; we believe that the Bible is the only rule of faith and action; we believer in the priesthood of all believers; we believe in believers' baptism; we believe in the liberty of conscience, and we believe in the separation of church and state so that neither will dictate to the other. "
"Once you are in Christ, you are more than a new Creature, you are the beginning of a new Creation. A wide door has been opened. A great eschatlogical freedom has been given to lift us above walls. Towering walls. Social, racial, cultural, political, economic, academic, ideological walls that separate people from people for in fact we need all people. For it isn't enough to be liberal without embracing conservatives because if you're just liberal and not somewhat conservative - you be too loose. And if you're all conservative and not somewhat liberal - you be too rigid. But if any one is in Christ, the walls are down and the doors are open, the highway is clear, the barriers are gone, the restrictions are removed, the shackles are dissolved, the dungeons are shaken and the chains are broken - and there is a new Creation. Just be in Christ. And you become a bona fide citizen of the whole world with Calvary's certified passport and visa stamped and sealed by the Holy Ghost. You can go anywhere, and speak in any language, tackle any problem, face any danger, love anybody and do anything that will bring Glory to God and freedom to people. Just be in Christ. And all things are yours. All people are your people. All churches are your church. All places are your home. And all problems are your challenge to solve them. Just be in Christ. And you are free from loneliness and free for love, free from futility, free for family, free from anxiety, and free for activity. And there are no walls of separation, segregation, isolation, castigation, stigmatization, intimidation - if you are free in Christ you are free indeed. You are totally free and totally obligated."

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Blogger That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Dr. Adams preached a tremendous sermon. Thanks for the quotes; it'll make it easy to cut-&-paste 'em to my "favorites quote" page.

Oh, & thanks for not rubbing it in.

Maybe next year.

5:08 PM


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