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Friday, March 09, 2007

Former Professor Sheri Klouda Sues SBC Seminary

The Dallas Morning News has reported that Dr. Sheri Klouda has filed suit in federal court against Paige Patterson and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Alleging that she lost her job in the School of Theology because of her gender, Klouda accuses Patterson and SWBTS of breach of contract, fraud, and defamation. Klouda has requested unspecified damages for the loss of pay, loss of reputation, emotional distress, disruption of life, and mental anguish that she suffered.

You can read the official complaint HERE.

Klouda's lead attorney is Gary Richardson of Oklahoma. It is worth noting that Gary Richardson is a personal friend and counsel to IMB Trustee Wade Burleson.

Indeed, this will be an interesting story to follow....

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Blogger peter lumpkins said...

Big Daddy Weave,

Interesting is not near an apt description, I fear. As for the Burleson/Richardson/Klouda connection, something here is not adding up, from my view.

I think my eyes will continue to squint a bit. With that, I am...


7:35 PM


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