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Thursday, June 22, 2006

LIVE From The CBF....kinda

My Day at the C-B-F!

1. The Whitsitt Society - My long day began with the annual meeting of the Whitsitt Society. As previously discussed, President Kirby Godsey of Mercer University was presented the William H. Whitsitt Courage Award. After Dr. John Finley made the presentation - Kirby lectured on the future of Baptist Higher Education. To summarize Kirby's lecture in one sentence: Baptist Education needs to be based on Cooperation not Control. As we Exiled-Southern Baptists know too well, fundamentalists seek doctrinal conformity through power and control.

2. Workshop on Church-State Relations hosted by the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty - More to come later on the Baptist Joint Committee after tomorrow's Religious Liberty Council luncheon. In the meantime, check out BJC's blog. Don Byrd does a fantastic job!

3. Associated Baptist Press Dinner - Without a doubt, the most exciting event of the day especialy for a Young Moderate like myself. My table and the surrounding tables seemed to be a Who's Who in Baptist life. In attendance were Dr. Bill Leonard (Dean of Wake Forest Divinity), Bill Underwood (President-Elect of Mercer University), President John Lilley of Baylor University, James Dunn (long-time Executive Director of the BJC and current Professor at Wake Forest Divinity), Dr. Cecil Sherman (co-founder of CBF), Brent Walker (Executive Director of BJC), Jimmy Allen (last great SBC President), and Marv Knox (editor of the Baptist Standard) - among others.

More importantly, the Associated Baptist Press Dinner marked the first public address by Dr. Rob Nash as the newly elected Global Missions Coordinator of the CBF.

More to come...


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